Do you need to follow a god to be happy?

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In these times of political correctness, making assumptions and classifications might land one in trouble. At the risk of offending those who can’t handle contrasting opinions, I can undoubtedly say that three categories cover the entire spectrum of humans.

Firstly, the theists and the creationists. Those who believe in the existence of a god. These are people who believe in divine creation and divine interventions. They generally might bow down to some higher power that they feel is controlling their entire existence, right from their birth to their death. …

And why it can still be reversed

Common Reactions to Kama Sutra | Image By Jaroslav Dědič on Pixabay

There have been quite a few conversations regarding the meaning of life. From Hegel’s definition to Monty Python’s classic, there hasn’t been a shortage of philosophical and spiritual explorers trying to find the meaning of life. But there is one aspect that commonly pops up during the search for this answer: pleasure and pain.

Some aspects of life are difficult to understand. In short, life is a complex puzzle. But in the end, we all try to do things that make us happy. Sometimes that happiness doesn’t come easy. We might have to work hard to achieve that happiness. …

Food for thought in this paradise of starvation

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When does a person die? Some might of the opinion that a person dies when they take their last breath. And a more spiritual death would be to be forgotten in memory.

Somewhere in time, long after you’re physically dead, one person will think about you for the last time in history. That person can be your relative, or a historian, or your enemy, or some random person. When the thought dies, you are truly dead.

To this day, such deaths are ignored. We only document physical deaths. Just imagine how many people are dying every day in memory?


Lazy writers, there’s nothing to be worried about yet

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Is creativity a subjective aspect? To what extend can creativity be objectified and calculated, and how much of the rest is the whimsical writer?
Since the industrial revolution, the advent of automation has made exponential progress. One can automate any form of manual labor and turn the process into a more efficient one. So a general is that people in creative jobs have a distinct advantage over those in manual positions.

But I’m a firm believer in manual labor. Repeating a task multiple times can force your mind to come up with an alternative. But this is my opinion, and…

I beg to differ

A Beggar Somewhere In Time | Image by Aamir Mohd Khan from Pixabay

Over the past year, Covid related job cuts have taken their toll on employees and employers. According to a survey by WeForum, in 2020 alone, over 114 million people lost their jobs. And a whopping $3.7 trillion loss incurred due to loss of labor income.

But this isn’t the only economic disruption that caused substantial damage. There was the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009. A few decades prior, the Great Depression in the 1920s and all the other pandemics that happened before, like the bubonic plague, the Spanish flu, and more.

When resources are almost inaccessible in such times…


Flash fiction

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Please don’t kill me, I haven’t done anything wrong.”
“Oh come on, tell us something original. We’ve had enough of that movie drama already.”

Your family had some issues with my father, but what wrong have I done?”
“Your father caused all that damage to my family. Before we finally found him, that bastard died his natural death. Your life is our vengeance.”

But my father committed all those sins, why do you want to punish me, I barely even saw him?”
Alright, why did you come here?”

I came here to take the bag of gold coins that my…

Has monarchy just been renamed?

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Governance is one of the most important aspects of a country. It has been the case for ages. But over the ages, the method of governance has varied along with time. With the industrial revolution came the need for communism to destroy monarchies. But pure communism wasn’t a sustainable form of government, giving rise to democracy and capitalism in the 1960s.

Although the ancient Greeks practiced democracy, other countries took their time before implementing their form of democracy. Nations like England, the Netherlands, and Switzerland transitioned from a republic to democracy as early as the 16th century, followed by the…

What has changed and how much?

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As we are encouraged to stay indoors during a global pandemic, many of us rely on our electronic devices due to boredom. Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more have been downloaded over a billion times. Customers and brands rely on social media to purchase and sell their products, and their presence has grown digitally over the lockdown.

This has led to a significant increase in the amount of daily screen time. And the general observation is that most of this added screen time is spent on social media apps. …

A short story

Image by Dieter_G from Pixabay

How can you kill a person? It’s not your life to take.
“I had no other option. I needed that person’s wealth to survive.”

That person worked hard to earn the wealth you stole. You just killed that person and took a dead person’s money.”
That person took someone else’s money, either by working hard or stealing. Now I took it.”

But you still haven’t answered my question, how can you take a person’s life?”
I will owe it to that person and that person’s family for the rest of my life.”

What sort of an unethical person are you…

A short story.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

“So why do you come here every year?
“This river washes away our sins. That’s why I and the rest of the devotees throng this place every year.”

What sin has this bloody river god done to perform such a dirty duty?”
How dare you question the river god, you heretic! You think you’re so cool because you question everything?”

“Alright, Alright, calm down. Just answer this question, does this mean I can commit as many sins as I want, and come here once a year to set back to zero?”
No, don’t ridicule the river. …


I love doing manual work. It always provides me with a creative outburst.

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