Do you need to follow a god to be happy?

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In these times of political correctness, making assumptions and classifications might land one in trouble. At the risk of offending those who can’t handle contrasting opinions, I can undoubtedly say that three categories cover the entire spectrum of humans.

And why it can still be reversed

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There have been quite a few conversations regarding the meaning of life. From Hegel’s definition to Monty Python’s classic, there hasn’t been a shortage of philosophical and spiritual explorers trying to find the meaning of life. But there is one aspect that commonly pops up during the search for this answer: pleasure and pain.

Just take a break

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As the claustrophobia from the covid lockdown continues to take its toll on the mental health of so many people around the world, some solutions to it have popped up in different forms.

Scouring documented records of the Habsburg dynasty

Arms of Counts of Habsbourg | Credit: Sodacan, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

In the 21st century, we live in a post globalized era. Trade between countries has vastly improved. Imports and exports form a huge chunk of your nation’s business unless you belong to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Going through immigration is easier now than it was a few centuries ago. You can go to another country and marry a native, or marry a foreigner who visits your country. People are much more open about these things today and accept such cultural changes in their society.

Not a story.

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You look exactly the same , probably more beautiful or handsome, but it’s not you.


A short story

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Whenever someone recalls their good old times, it always feels the same. They think that their time was the best, and right now is the worst. This cycle keeps going, the older ones go on and on about how times have worsened, the younger ones grow up and tell the same when they are old.

A short story

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When the thought of ending it first came, I was shocked beyond belief. I never expected to get such depressing thoughts. Then I pondered about it, and then I shunned it altogether. Yes, of course, suicide is an option to break away from the rat race. Wake up, work, sleep, waste the weekend, retire and then die; I hated that repetitive cycle. But then I realized that I still had the will to live. I still wanted to enjoy things. I still found pleasure in things that gave me joy.

Food for thought in this paradise of starvation

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When does a person die? Some might of the opinion that a person dies when they take their last breath. And a more spiritual death would be to be forgotten in memory.

Lazy writers, there’s nothing to be worried about yet

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Is creativity a subjective aspect? To what extend can creativity be objectified and calculated, and how much of the rest is the whimsical writer?
Since the industrial revolution, the advent of automation has made exponential progress. One can automate any form of manual labor and turn the process into a more efficient one. So a general is that people in creative jobs have a distinct advantage over those in manual positions.

I beg to differ

A Beggar Somewhere In Time | Image by Aamir Mohd Khan from Pixabay

Over the past year, Covid related job cuts have taken their toll on employees and employers. According to a survey by WeForum, in 2020 alone, over 114 million people lost their jobs. And a whopping $3.7 trillion loss incurred due to loss of labor income.


I love doing manual work. It always provides me with a creative outburst.

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