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Do you need to follow a god to be happy?

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In these times of political correctness, making assumptions and classifications might land one in trouble. At the risk of offending those who can’t handle contrasting opinions, I can undoubtedly say that three categories cover the entire spectrum of humans.

Firstly, the theists and the creationists. Those who believe in the existence of a god. These are people who believe in divine creation and divine interventions. They generally might bow down to some higher power that they feel is controlling their entire existence, right from their birth to their death. …

And why it can still be reversed

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There have been quite a few conversations regarding the meaning of life. From Hegel’s definition to Monty Python’s classic, there hasn’t been a shortage of philosophical and spiritual explorers trying to find the meaning of life. But there is one aspect that commonly pops up during the search for this answer: pleasure and pain.

Some aspects of life are difficult to understand. In short, life is a complex puzzle. But in the end, we all try to do things that make us happy. Sometimes that happiness doesn’t come easy. We might have to work hard to achieve that happiness. …

It’s not wrong for everyone to sell out, but wrong for those without a price

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Depending on your expectation, writing can be an income, or it can be a hobby to destress after a long day. When someone has been writing only for a hobby, and all of a sudden, some income gets attached to it, it turns into a nightmare.

The same applies to me. When I started out, I did it just for the sake of it. But eventually, greed takes control of what you write. I don’t know if it’s shameless to admit, that the articles where I sold my values are the ones I have earned the most. But that’s where…

Spreading all forms to viruses seems to be the motto of CCP

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The headline and the tagline might seem like I have some sort of an agenda against China. Yes, I do. But not against their culture or their country or the common Chinese citizen. It’s against their oligarchy that has put the rest of us on the wrong end of geopolitical power struggles. You will understand why.

Back in October 2019, reports suggested a deadly new virus emerged from the . The same virus has drastically changed our lives over the past two years. The Chinese government however, continues to deny that the . …

No need to pay taxes or work for someone else

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Our society is constantly evolving. We changed from the monarchical times, to the communist uprisings, which were there erased by the boom of capitalism and free market.

But one thing has remained constant throughout the times. One needs to do some sort of work to live, or inherit a lot of wealth from someone who worked a lot. That’s what has progressed through the past. And all those advances in the “past” have led us to this rut called the present. Which will further rot into the future?

You might ask me, why am I calling the present a rut…

As addressed by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore | Credit: , via Wikimedia Commons

If you don’t already know the man in the picture above is Rabindranath Tagore. A pivotal figure in India’s freedom struggle from the British Empire, he was also a well-renowned playwright, philosopher, and social reformer.

During a time when India was under British rule, he theorized an important discourse that is relevant even today. He discussed this in his essay titled Nationalism during his time as a lecturer in Japan. Not only has it remained relevant to this day, but it resonates with the current geopolitical climate around the world.

There is only one simple ethical question that can reveal…

A case where both yes and no are the right answers

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The modern world today is a result of constant wars throughout history. Borders, cultures, and civilizations have been redefined through conflict.

In fact, most of the history that we read today, is a perception of the victor. Like in every war, innocents perish in the millions, and a great deal of economic destruction is followed by social unrest.

It’s certain that all wars can be prevented, but greed for power puts kings into conflicts. While the kings remain seated firmly on their thrones, they send out the common, innocent citizens to war, and to their miserable deaths. …

Being productive is good as long as it comes naturally

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Over the past few years, the career opportunities for productivity coaches have steadily blossomed. As you probably already know, the glorious advent of the mobile phone brought forth click culture, which has seriously question our attention spans. And thus, the productivity coaches come to you with their motivational speeches and war cries.

During the past few months of the lockdown imposed due to the COVID outbreak, I’ve personally observed that there are far stronger cries about productivity. You’re staying at home, not commuting, and have your own space, so why aren’t you more productive than the pre-lockdown times?

Students, academicians…

Just take a break

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As the claustrophobia from the covid lockdown continues to take its toll on the mental health of so many people around the world, some solutions to it have popped up in different forms.

Spiritual wellness courses and other such mental relief programs and steadily gaining momentum, and this could be a big market in the years to come.

But as a spiritual skeptic, will it be wise to invest in such programs?

Spirituality has always been about embracing the inner self and ignoring materialistic desires. Finding oneself in nature is a common way to do this.

But in this ultra…

Scouring documented records of the Habsburg dynasty

Arms of Counts of Habsbourg | Credit: , via Wikimedia Commons

In the 21st century, we live in a post globalized era. Trade between countries has vastly improved. Imports and exports form a huge chunk of your nation’s business unless you belong to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Going through immigration is easier now than it was a few centuries ago. You can go to another country and marry a native, or marry a foreigner who visits your country. People are much more open about these things today and accept such cultural changes in their society.

But as we know, this hasn’t always been the case. There were times when…


I love doing manual work. It always provides me with a creative outburst.

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