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In these times of political correctness, making assumptions and classifications might land one in trouble. At the risk of offending those who can’t handle contrasting opinions, I can undoubtedly say that three categories cover the entire spectrum of humans.

Firstly, the theists and the creationists. Those who believe in the…

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So you’re telling me that, after all these years of toiling at your corporate job, you still are working for someone else?

Come on brother, you haven’t realized your potential. Follow your passion, do your own thing, get into the hustle culture.
“I am hustling every day.”

You are wasting away all your potential, you are such a talented person, you have wings, yet you don’t fly.

Silence? You remind me of that old quote that I see a lot these days, birds born in a cage think flying is an illness. It’s so sad that you have wings, yet you decide to stay inside the cage. Come out of the cage man, learn to fly, roam the world, it’s yours.
“I couldn’t choose my birth outside the cage, I can’t choose my death outside it.”

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Attempting to trace back the origins of fiction might lead one into a never ending rabbit hole. Cave paintings can be considered as a form of graphic storytelling, probably a graphic novel for the primitive man. To an Atheist, every religious text is a storybook in the fantasy genre.


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In May of 2019 right before the Indian general elections, TIME Magazine published an article that called Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi as the divider-in-chief. British writer Aatish Tasheer wrote the piece explaining how the prime minister was destroying the foundations of secularism upon which India was born.

The Western…


I love doing manual work. It always provides me with a creative outburst.

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