Do We Deserve To Have An Option To Live As Hunter Gatherers?

No need to pay taxes or work for someone else

5 min readSep 19, 2021


Image by Aino Tuominen from Pixabay

Our society is constantly evolving. We changed from the monarchical times, to the communist uprisings, which were there erased by the boom of capitalism and free market.

But one thing has remained constant throughout the times. One needs to do some sort of work to live, or inherit a lot of wealth from someone who worked a lot. That’s what has progressed through the past. And all those advances in the “past” have led us to this rut called the present. Which will further rot into the future?

You might ask me, why am I calling the present a rut? Every day a new technological advancement erases out the magnificence of the previous. We’ve come from automated guillotines in the 14th century to sex robots in the 21st century. So much progress, so much progress…

It’s very easy, I personally believe that the present society has no point for its existence except pay taxes.

Look at our daily lives. From birth, we have no option but to go to school, or find some other profession, or take up crime, or beg on the streets. Without choosing any of these options, one can’t survive.

Growing up in the traditional “civilian life”, we go to school. Study for years before college, hustle through the education loans and get settled into some job. Or if you aren’t a settler at job, then you probably will get settled into the “passive wealth generation” demographic.

What happens to the ones taking up a job?

You wake up everyday, you have to brush your teeth. You paid for the toothbrush, the toothpaste, and , the water that you use to rinse off the carcinogenic fluorides(ignore if you use herbal toothpaste). Then what? you get ready to get to work, just another day in the rat race. Go to office where you go to make money. Slave for the day, come back, sleep, wake up. The cycle repeats. We’re all aware of the rat race, and that money has put our actions into a thought prison. Quoting Orwell, the thought police in his acclaimed novel 1984 didn’t tolerate any thoughts against the welfare of the state, while the thought police of post globalization world is you. You are your thought police. You need…




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