Here’s Another High Paying Job: Baby Namer

Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash

The job market is constantly evolving. More so at a rapid pace in the present economy. Jobs that didn’t exist twenty years ago are some of the most sought-after roles today. Social media managers didn’t exist before the internet, and typewriters are now obsolete. Such rapid changes in the demands of the job market generally take place due to shifts in the demographics.

The internet and technological progress have opened up jobs that were never expected to pop up. Almost every task can be outsourced these days, and I don’t know if that kind of dampens the importance of human relationships. Baby sitters, escorts, professional cuddlers, and more, are all jobs that substitute the human and emotional part of the relationship, either entirely or maybe they are paid per hour.

With each passing day, the roles and responsibilities in a family which have traditionally and culturally been done by the family, are now turning into outsourceable jobs. Capitalism seems to have led us to the point of buying emotions.

One new job which involves buying emotions from an outsourcer is that of the professional baby namer.

Take the above example of a professional baby namer. It might cost you anything between $1500 USD and $10,000 USD depending on the extent of the outsourcers’ involvement. Of course, such a job isn’t widespread across a lot of countries. Currently, her job market is only limited to the filthy rich in New York. Those who don’t have time or patience or both to search for their child’s name hire her for service.

If someone has enough money to spend, no one can stop them from using it. It’s their money. We can only wait to see what other emotional outsourcing jobs spring up next.



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