Sins Of The Father

Please don’t kill me, I haven’t done anything wrong.”
“Oh come on, tell us something original. We’ve had enough of that movie drama already.”

Your family had some issues with my father, but what wrong have I done?”
“Your father caused all that damage to my family. Before we finally found him, that bastard died his natural death. Your life is our vengeance.”

But my father committed all those sins, why do you want to punish me, I barely even saw him?”
Alright, why did you come here?”

I came here to take the bag of gold coins that my father left for me.”
If you inherit your father’s wealth, then you inherit his sins.”

Then they slashed off my head. As I began my journey to the afterlife, I saw my headless corpse lay motionless.

I was dead, but the hate in their eyes wasn’t.

I love doing manual work. It always provides me with a creative outburst.

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