To Hell With Immortality

3 min readJun 14, 2020

Immortality may seem desirable, but there are other aspects to it

Photo by Pasupu at a random paddy field in India.

The reason that the world is divided into so many countries today is because of all the wars that history has seen. Kingdoms and countries in the past have gone to wars over various reasons: petty personal fights between leaders, wealth, religion and more. But religious wars are the ones that have caused most damage. Although one thing is common between all religions. They all have some supreme power called god. That god decides the fate of their lives. And depending on how much they followed the rules set by that god, they may either be sent to heaven or to hell after their death.

Of course, there are atheists who would protest this. But one thing is certain, heaven is a place where a person is always happy and hell is a place where no happiness can be found. It doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual, in general a person who is happy on earth, might actually be on heaven and a person who is not happy is probably experiencing hellish conditions..

It is due to this happiness that some people want it to go on forever. They want to be happy forever. Almost all religions talk about immortality in some way or the other. A lot of scientific research too is going on with respect to immortality. Some scientists are trying to find the secret to eternal existence. What an experience it would be for someone to become immortal.

Consider that a person is made immortal. At first, he would feel powerful. He will never die. He can make all the mistakes that he wanted to do. He doesn’t have to care about impressing anyone as they would die anyway.

But one thing would stick with him. If only he has been made immortal,then living will become hell for him. All the people that he loves, his friends/family will die their natural deaths slowly. And he will have to bear the sorrow of their deaths. Anyone person that he has a relation with, will die after sometime and he will have to live in sorrow. His entire immortal existence will become painful, in other words he goes to hell without dying.

Supposing that he has power to make others immortal. He will try to make all his loved ones immortal, and will try not to make his enemies immortal .At one point he will reach a stage where he doesn’t have any enemies…


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