Why Don’t You Laugh Randomly Without Any Reason?

If becoming mad is a stress reliever, then why not?

3 min readMar 31, 2022


Picture this, there are hordes of people coming out of corporate office at dusk. The night sky is brightly lit with the artificial light, and the people moving under the brightly lit buildings, their faces are dark with the tediousness of the day. One middle aged man is dejected because he knows his wife is cheating on him with a few others. And another, a beautiful young woman just out of college, successful, high earning, but she’s always so productive that she doesn’t have any time to meet the man she desires.

There are so many such depressing stories on the road, and it’s so common. You can see the depression and the pain on their faces, but everyone has their own problems and you can’t be bothered by their troubles, because you have your own.

But picture this, a person randomly starts laughing on the road. You probably think the person is mad or insane and move on.

When a person is dejected and alone, we think of it as their problems and move on. But when a person starts laughing randomly, he is just another Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger wannabe. He is just insane, and we move on, because we have our own problems. It’s called PBA or Pseudobulbar effect

But if you don’t have any hesitation at laughing randomly in a public place without having anyone by your side, you can try implementing a controlled version of PBA to laugh at yourself, and laugh your stress away. The only difference between a person diagnosed of PBA and you is that you can stop whenever you want.

And you know what’s a bigger stress reliever than laughter, it’s the situation where you get uncontrollable laughter, and you have to hold it in, what’s a bigger stress reliever than that?

Not everyone can have access to a laughter club to join a horde of people who are unconscious of the judgement surrounding them. If you are alone and just need to laugh then try this:

Step 1: Sit comfortably on a chair, and put both your feet up slightly, then bring them back down.

Step 2: Take both your hands up to your chest and smack your thighs lightly.




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